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Ride 'n Rescue Fire Truck

Ride 'n Rescue Fire Truck Manual
Roll 'n Learn Caterpillar

Roll 'n Learn Caterpillar Manual
Ring & Learn Cash Register™

Go shopping with the Ring & Learn Cash Register™ by VTech®. Your little shopper will love filling their basket with healthy play food and pretending to buy them with the interactive toy cash register. Weigh the food, ring up the order and use the credit card to pay for the groceries. Each interaction is rewarded with a variety of playful phrases, fun sounds, songs and music. Pressing the light-up number buttons introduces your child to numbers, colors, food and healthy-eating phrases. For more role-play fun, slide the pretend credit card through the slot and open the cash drawer.

80-191300 Ring & Learn Cash Register
Roar & Explore Lion Teether™

Babies will go wild for the Roar & Explore Lion Teether™. This friendly lion features a soft, textured leaf to help soothe sore, teething gums. Press the light-up button or twist his mane to hear endearing phrases, sing-along songs and happy melodies that introduce early vocabulary and encourage first words. The easy-grab handle fits little hands so they can shake it to hear playful sounds or carry their teether on the go!

80-508200 Roar & Explore Lion Teether Product Manual
Roll & Sing Caterpillar™

Twist, spin and roll this caterpillar to enter a world of fun and knowledge that includes letters, numbers, shapes and colors!

Roll & Sing Caterpillar Manual
Roll & Learn Turtle™

Your child will surely come out of their shell with the Roll & Learn Turtle™ by VTech®. He's covered in colorful gears that teach insects, colors, sounds and more. Whether pushing or pulling him your child will roll into learning with the Roll & Learn Turtle™!

Roll & Learn Turtle Manual
Roll & Learn Activity Suitcase™

The Roll & Learn Activity Suitcase™ by VTech® lets your child travel around the world! Children learn language as they use their motor skills to explore with imaginative travel play. Pack your bag. It’s time for learning fun… on the road!

Roll & Learn Activity Suitcase Manual
Royal Learning Tablet (Sofia)

A magical learning journey awaits with the Sofia the First™ Royal Learning Tablet™ by VTech®. Explore with Sofia and her animal friends to learn letters, phonics, logic and music as you interact with your favorite princess for imaginative playtime fun!

Royal Learning Tablet (Sofia) Manual
Roll & Surprise Animal Train™

All aboard! Join the animal friends on an adventure as they ride the Roll & Surprise Animal Train™ by VTech®. Play peek-a-boo while being introduced to animal names, animal sounds and colors. Develop fine motor skills by pulling, pushing, spinning and pressing activities.

Roll & Surprise Animal Train Manual
Record & Learn KidiStudio

The Record & Learn KidiStudio™ by VTech® lets you sing, record and play back your own musical masterpieces. Play along with 20 melodies in four popular music styles using the voice changer, sound effects and instruments. Now your child can perform and record like a rock star!

Record & Learn KidiStudio Manual
Rechargeable Battery Kit

Power up your child's InnoTab, MobiGo, V.Reader or KidiZoom camera with VTech's Rechargeable Battery Kit.

Rechargeable Battery Kit Manual
Rattle & Sing Puppy™

Shake to the music with the Rattle & Sing Puppy™ by VTech®! Your little one will love holding this easy-to-grasp rattle and shaking it to see the puppy's cheeks light up and hear the colorful beads rattle. Press the music button to hear fun phrases, sounds and songs. The puppy’s colorful, crinkly ears also provide visual and tactile stimulation. The rattle has two textured rings that rattle and turn to build motor skills. Rattle and play with the interactive puppy!

184700 Rattle & Sing Puppy Manual
Roll & Discover Puppy™

Play and learn with your new puppy friend. The Roll & Discover Puppy™ by VTech® is a playful interactive puppy that loves to be pushed around by your little one. Push the black and white puppy to see the puppy's legs move and watch the keys swing. Press the colorful buttons to introduce colors, numbers and parts of the body. The buttons also play songs, playful phrases, melodies and cute puppy sounds. The puppy's nose flashes along with the sounds and music plays when the puppy rolls.

80-502860Roll & Discover Puppy
Rock & Bop Music Player™

Set learning to music with the Rock & Bop Music Player™ by VTech®. Explore ten musical games while listening to kid-friendly songs, dancing around to the music and singing along. This music player introduces letters, numbers, animals, instruments, time and more through a variety of songs. Play songs in different styles, hear animals sing songs and choose from various instruments to experiment with different melodies. Child-safe headphones let your child listen and play on their own while limiting the volume to protect little ears. Get ready to rock out while you learn!

80-196200 Rock & Bop Music Player
Race & Learn Tablet™

Help Lightning McQueen win the big race with the Race & Learn Tablet™ by VTech®! Interact with your favorite Cars 3 characters as they come to life in fun and engaging activities on the LCD screen. Seven exciting games introduce letters, objects, spelling, number order, counting, logic and more. Find letters to help Lightning McQueen gear up for the race, spell out words on road and crowd signs, count objects as you help clean up Doc Hudson's garage, spell out words to pass other cars in the race and much more! Press the character buttons to meet and interact with Lightning McQueen and his friends. The tablet also introduces beginning typing with a QWERTY keyboard. Get on the fast track to learning with Lightning McQueen!

80-196900 Race & Learn Tablet Parent's Guide
Race & Trace Lightning McQueen™

Race and trace your way to the finish line! Draw and learn to write letters and numbers with Race & Trace Lightning McQueen™ by VTech®. Kids can use the easy-grip stylus to trace upper- and lowercase letters and numbers stroke by stroke. The screen detects their writing and responds with encouraging feedback from Lightning McQueen. Five exciting activities introduce writing, phonics and memory skills. Use the stylus to design a new logo for Rust-Eze, follow the light path to help Lightning McQueen in his training session, catch the lights to keep up with Lightning McQueen as he races around Thomasville and more! Pop the hood and press the 36 letter and number buttons to learn phonics, letters and numbers. Race your way to learning fun!

80-197000 Race & Trace Lightning McQueen Parent's Guide
Ready to Race Lightning McQueen™

Help Lightning McQueen win the race with Ready to Race Lightning McQueen™ by VTech®. With this interactive racing driver, kids can grab the wheel and explore beginning letters, counting, problem solving, logic and memory while playing 15 games with Lightning McQueen and his friends from Cars 3. In 5 different racing games, use problem solving skills to figure out which accessory to attach to Lightning McQueen to boost his speed in the racing games. In Pit Stop Mode, help Cruz Ramirez complete patterns for the simulator, use your memory and concentration to find Jackson Storm, complete words to fix Ms. Fritter's plates, help Junior Moon clean up by counting car parts and complete Lightning McQueen's graphics. Meet all of your favorite characters while completing fun puzzles. Cool animations, sound effects and an interactive driving panel add to the racing fun!


Babies love see and hear ROCKameleon’s colorful song. They just grab its soft head and legs to activate the colorful lights and rhythms, and groove to the music along with their musical friend!

ROCKameleon Manual
Ring Around the World

Look who’s talking—in four different languages! Ring Around the World teaches baby words, numbers and greetings in English, Spanish, German and French while he role plays on the telephone.

Ring Around the World Manual
Rhyme & Discover Book

Light up learning time for your little one with the ever so popular Rhyme & Discover Book!

Rhyme & Discover Book Manual
Rhyme & Discover Book

Light up learning time for your little one with the Rhyme & Discover Book!

Rhyme & Discover Book Manual
Rhyme & Discover Book Pink

Light up learning time for your little one with the ever so popular Rhyme & Discover Book now available in Pink!!

Rhyme & Discover Book Pink Manual
Rhyme & Discover Book Pink

Light up learning time for your little one with the ever so popular Rhyme & Discover Book now available in Pink!!

Winnie the Pooh Interactive Computer Manual
Roly Poly Learning Tree

Start the ball rolling with just one touch! Babies love this rocking tree with chunky shape buttons that teach colors, numbers, insect names and nature sounds, and melody-making light-up keys.

Roly Poly Learning Tree Manual
Rattle & Waggle Learning Pup™

The Rattle & Waggle Learning Pup™ is the perfect puppy for toddlers! With its long soft ears and waggling body, this dachshund doggy will wiggle its way into toddlers' hearts. Learn cause and effect by rattling the magic dog bone, then watch the dog walk and wag its tail, bark, and run in a circle. The puppy's movement encourages children to crawl and walk after it. Learn puppy facts and hear simple directions such as "Shake my toy and I will run!" Numbers, colors and shapes are all part of the learning fun. This interactive toy plays songs, phrases and upbeat music for loads of playtime fun. Hook the dog bone onto the pup's collar for easy storage. Intended for ages 12-36 months. Requires 4 AA batteries. Batteries included for demo purposes only. New batteries recommended for regular use.

Roll & Learn Piano

Three jumbo keys play do-ri-me and baby begins music lessons on this miniature toy piano. Easy-to-grasp manipulatives develop fine motor skills and three play modes provide hours of learning fun.

Roll & Learn Piano Manual
Rock & Sing Musical Car

Baby is the leader of the band! Five piano keys and three instrument-playing friends teach baby musical notes and encourage music making. Light-up buttons add lessons in color and emotion.

Rock & Sing Musical Car Manual
Roll & Lights Bug

Early learning is on a roll with the Roll & Lights Bug™!

Roll & Lights Bug Manual
Roly Poly Penguin

Cute and cuddly, the Roly Poly Penguin has learning down cold!

Roly Poly Penguin Manual
Record & Learn Photo Album

Do you see what I see? VTech's Record & Learn Photo Album keeps you close to your child at all times with seven 4 x 6 photos and an option to record personal messages!

Record & Learn Photo Album Manual
Remote Racer Smart Car

Vroom! Vroom! Your child can zip ahead with the Remote Racer Smart Car from VTech. This electronic learning toy car will teach your preschooler about directions, colors, shapes, logic, and memory through racing fun!

Remote Racer Smart Car Manual
Rechargeable Power Pack InnoTab 3 / 3S

Power up your child's InnoTab® 3 or 3S with the Rechargeable Power Pack – without removing the batteries!

Rechargeable Power Pack InnoTab 3 / 3S Manual