Mac Learning Lodge Instructions

If you have already installed Learning Lodge but are having trouble getting it to recognize your devices on macOS 10.15,
please skip to the next section.
Note: Please follow these instructions to install the Learning Lodge software. We apologize for the inconvenience of the additional steps and are working hard to release an updated version.

1. Double-click to open the setup file you downloaded

2. Right-click the setup icon in the window that appeared and select "Open"

3. An error window will appear stating that Apple cannot check for malicious software, please select "OK" to close the window.
As long as you downloaded the program from our secure website it is safe to install.

4. While holding down the Control key, click the Setup icon and again select "Open" from the menu.

5. A similar error window will appear warning of malicious software.
This time, select the "Open" icon that is now available.

6. Type in your Mac account password to allow installation.

7. Learning Lodge installation will now begin. Follow the prompts to install the software.

Allow Full Disk Access for Learning Lodge

Starting with macOS 10.15 Catalina, Learning Lodge also requires Full Disk Access to communicate with devices connected through USB.
Click the Apple Logo at the top left of the screen and select System Preferences. From the System Preferences window, select Security & Privacy. Then select Full Disk Access from the list on the left.
Click the lock icon in the lower left corner. Type in your password to make changes.
Look for a program called VTechLLNService and click the checkbox next to it.
Click the Quit Now button to restart the Learning Lodge service.
Select Files & Folders from the list on the left.
Check and see if Removable Volumes is selected under the DownloadManager entry. If not, select it by clicking the check box.
You can now close the System Preferences window. Please unplug your VTech device if it is connected, then wait 3 seconds and reconnect it.