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Phonics Reading Center

Phonics Reading Center Manual
Phonics from A to Z Animated

Phonics from A to Z Animated Manual
PC Surprise

PC Surprise Manual
Power Vision

Power Vision Manual
Power Zone Plus Desktop

Power Zone Plus Desktop Manual
PreComputer Power Pad Course Book

PreComputer Power Pad Course Book Manual
PreComputer Unlimited

PreComputer Unlimited Manual
PC Fun Plus

PC Fun Plus Manual
PC Mouse

PC Mouse Manual
Peek-A-Boo Ball

Peek-A-Boo Ball Manual
Peek-A-Boo Plane

Peek-A-Boo Plane Manual

Phusion Manual
Pop 'n Sing Apple

Pop 'n Sing Apple Manual
Power Zone 2000

Power Zone 2000 Manual
Power Zone Edge

Power Zone Edge Manual
Power Zone Plus Notebook

Power Zone Plus Notebook Manual
Power Zone

Power Zone Manual
PreComputer Power Pad Plus

PreComputer Power Pad Plus Manual
PreComputer Prestige

PreComputer Prestige Manual
Pull 'n Play Color Express

Pull 'n Play Color Express Manual
Planet VTech

Planet VTech Manual

Pequebola Manual
Pull & Learn Car Carrier

Put playtime and learning into overdrive with the Pull & Learn Car Carrier!

Pull & Learn Car Carrier Manual
Pull & Learn Car Carrier™

Put playtime and learning into overdrive with the Pull & Learn Car Carrier by VTech!

Pull & Learn Car Carrier Manual
Pull & Play Phone

Pull & Play Phone is full of surprises! Puppy pops up with the receiver when a call comes in and ten chunky buttons teach numbers and counting. Cheerful melodies and a sing-along song add to the fun.

Pull & Play Phone Manual
Peek-A-Boo Garden

How does baby’s garden grow? With help from cute pop-up animal friends and colorful light-up buttons! Baby will learn fun lessons in numbers, letters, animals and motor skills with lots of silly sounds!

Peek-A-Boo Garden Manual
Play & Learn Fun Fair

Let your little one control the learning at this amusement park. A spin of the joystick and the Ferris wheel turns, the lights flash, the colorful balls take a ride, and the exciting lessons begin!

Play & Learn Fun Fair Manual
Play & Dream Magic Mirror

Little hands discover the joy of flipping and pulling, while little faces delight in a game of peek-a-boo. This learning mirror engages babies with two play modes, four activities and fun melodies.

Play & Dream Magic Mirror Manual
Pull & Learn Lion

The Pull & Learn Lion makes learning letters and shapes great! There are two modes of play - letters and colors/shapes - for twice the learning and twice the fun!

Pull & Learn Lion Manual
Pull & Lights Phone

Ring up important lessons in numbers, animals, music and roleplay with the Pull & Lights Phone learning toy by VTech.

Pull & Lights Phone Manual
Paint & Learn Art Easel

Where masterpieces get the finishing touches!

Paint & Learn Art Easel Manual
Play & Learn Tree House

Let good times roll with the Play & Learn Tree House!

Play & Learn Tree House Manual
Princess Magical Learning Laptop

The VTech Disney Princess Magical Learning Laptop has all the magic and wonder needed to teach your child letters, letter order, numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, matching and more!

Princess Magical Learning Laptop Manual
Push & Learn Pony

Giddy up, baby - this Pony is taking off on a learning adventure! VTech's Push & Learn Pony combines block-play and pull-toy to teach colors, numbers, shapes and so much more.

Push & Learn Pony Manual
Princess Magical Learn & Go

The VTech Disney Princess Magical Learn & Go smartphone toy lets little girls act like grown-ups! Cinderella, Belle, Snow White and Aurora will engage your child with learning games and activities at the touch of a button.

Princess Magical Learn & Go Manual
Princess Magical Learning Wand

The VTech Disney Princess Magical Learning Wand electronic toy will cast a learning spell on your child as they discover the magic of letters, counting, emotions and music from their favorite Princesses.

Princess Magical Learning Wand Manual
Peek at Me Bunny

This electronic learning plush bunny available exclusively from VTech engages baby by stimulating the senses through interative play involving sound, music, lights, and touch!

Peek at Me Bunny Manual
Peek at Me Bunny Pink

This electronic learning plush bunny available exclusively from VTech engages baby by stimulating the senses through interactive play involving sound, music, lights and touch!

Peek at Me Bunny Pink Manual
Pop & Count Vacuum

Your child will want to help clean around the house with the Pop & Count Vacuum from VTech! As your baby pushes this adorable educational toy vacuum cleaner across the floor, it picks up the colored blocks for interactive learning fun.

Pop & Count Vacuum Manual
Princess Fantasy Notebook

Enchantment and wonder await with the Princess Fantasy Notebook from VTech. This magical educational toy laptop helps your child learn about letters, numbers, and more with activities that feature her favorite Disney princesses.

Princess Fantasy Notebook Manual
Princess Learning Pad

Learning is a fairtytale come true with the Princess Learning Pad from VTech. Your child will navigate their way through a variety of learning games with the touch-sensitive pad that teaches letters, numbers, logic and music!

Princess Learning Pad Manual
Pour & Float Froggy

The Pour & Float Froggy by VTech is an innovative bath toy that provides fun with a "splash" of learning for your baby! Bath time has never been so exciting!

Pour & Float Froggy Manual
Princess Magical SmartPhone

Join the Disney Princesses on a learning journey full of magic with the Princess Magical SmartPhone™ by VTech®. Engaging games introduce age-appropriate curriculum with 10 learning activities! Free play, calling and message activities allow little ones to pretend play with this smartphone toy. Receive a message from the princesses! Have fun with 10 learning activities. Have fun with 2 ways to play and 10 learning activities.

Princess Magical SmartPhone Manual
Pop & Sing Apple

Peek-a-boo, we see you little worm! The Pop & Sing Apple™ by VTech® helps babies discover and explore their world while strengthening language development and motor skills. Heart shapes, a sliding butterfly, music and a cute pop-up worm baby busy while learning. This is one apple that will never go rotten!

Pop & Sing Apple Manual
Princess Fantasy Learning Tablet

Lead your little princess to her happily ever after learning journey with the Princess Fantasy Learning Tablet™ by VTech®! Join the Disney Princesses on a magical journey full of learning and fun. Hear responses, listen to melodies and play eight learning activities. This toy tablet teaches vocabulary, spelling, patterns and more. Enjoy learning activities, all with the Princesses!

Princess Fantasy Learning Tablet Manual
Pull & Sing Kitten™

This purrfect Pull & Sing Kitten™ by VTech® is a playful interactive kitty that loves to play with the big ball of yarn. As your little one pulls the string, the kitten runs to follow them and encourage imaginative play. Press the colorful buttons and this cute kitten toy will promote language development by teaching letters, colors and playing cheerful songs! Learning’s fun with the Pull & Sing Kitten, so come and play!


The Pack-O-Links™ by VTech® includes twenty-four brightly colored c-links and a round holder to keep them all together. Links come in eight different colors and feature a variety of textures to provide sensory stimulation. When attached to the holder or each other, little ones can shake the rings for a fun rattling sound. Connect the rings together or attach them to other link toys like the Crinkle & Roar Lion™, Swing & Sing Monkey™ and more (sold separately)!

189800 Pack-O-Links Manual
Peek & Play Baby Book™

The Peek & Play Baby Book™ by VTech® is a real page turner! The soft book pages introduce adorable animals through bold pictures and fun interactive features. The cover has a cute elephant with crinkly ears, and each page plays sing-along songs, sound and phrases. Lift the fabric flaps on the pages for fun peek-a-boo surprises. Press the three fabric buttons to meet friendly characters and learn about animals, colors, objects and play songs. Take the infant book on the go and attach it to car carriers and more using the plastic ring. It’s the perfect first book for your baby!

80-189300 Peek & Play Baby Book
Pretend & Discover Doctor's Kit™

Play is the best medicine with the Pretend & Discover Doctor’s Kit™ by VTech®. Use the five included medical tools to perform checkups, diagnose patients and make them feel better. Press the stethoscope button to see the face change from sick to healthy, sleepy to happy and more for a range of emotions! Explore three fun activities and press the light-up buttons on the doctor’s kit to learn about medical tools, colors and objects. For more role-play fun, the kit includes two patient cards so your little doctor can pretend to treat boo-boos and more. All of the accessories store neatly inside for on-the-go play, because you never know when you’ll need to make a house call!

80-178300 Pretend & Discover Doctor's Kit
Pull & Learn Alligator™

The funny Pull & Learn Alligator™ by VTech® is the perfect pal for teaching kids about letters and phonics. He features 26 letter buttons plus a music and help button. In the five play modes, little learners can explore phonics; animals, people and objects; hear silly sentences; or listen to music. Push or pull the interactive gator around to watch his head move, mouth open, tail light-up and play songs and melodies. A silly sentence game lets your little one learn about alliteration through a variety of fun phrases. The alligator also includes a quiz game that reinforces learning. Have awesome alphabet fun with this cute alligator!

80-178400 Pull & Learn Alligator
Paw Patrol™ Treat Time Marshall™

Learn letters and more with the PAW Patrol™ Treat Time Marshall™ by VTech®. Put a bone-shaped Pup Treat into Marshall’s mouth and he will recognize each piece and respond with letters, phonics, objects and more. When Marshall’s had enough treats, store the Pup Treats inside his pup pack. Explore four play modes including letter, learning rescue, search and rescue and music time. Your little one will love watching Marshall’s ears and eyes move while they pretend to go on rescue missions. Plus, you can personalize Marshall to recognize the first letter of your child’s name every time they plug in that letter. Go on rescue missions and more with Marshall!

80-190400 PAW Patrol Treat Time Marshall Manual
Paw Patrol™ Chase on the Case Cruiser™

Help Chase rescue animals, brush up on numbers and more with the PAW Patrol™ Chase on the Case Cruiser™ by VTech®. Insert one of the 20 badge-shaped blocks into the slot on the front of the police truck to learn about counting, shapes, super-cool spy gadgets and more. Then, store all the badges inside. Four modes include fun learning modes, a quiz mode to show what your child has learned and a music mode with cheerful children’s songs. Spin the truck’s front wheel for a fun clicking sound, press the horn to hear it beep or press the engine button and feel like you’re on the case with Chase!

80-190300 PAW Patrol Chase on the Case Cruiser Manual