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The Do’s and Dont's of Parenting a Picky Eater by VTech Mom

If you have ever fed a child before, you probably know that children are notoriously picky when it comes to the food on their plates...Read more

6 Skills to Prepare Your Young Child For Reading by Carolyn James

Even if your child can't read yet these skills will help prepare your child for reading....Read more

It’s Spring Cleaning Time! Yay! by VTech Mom

Spring cleaning has always been a perplexing event to me. I don’t recall saying, “Yes! I’m spring cleaning today!” But somewhere between my kids’ bedrooms and the donation center, I realize I am knee deep in a spring clean! Whether you planned out your spring cleaning or stumbled into it by accident, here are 3 helpful tips for getting the most out of it: ...Read more

Survive Holiday Travel with Kids in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! by VTech Mom

Traveling with kids during the holidays - just the mere mention of that can make almost any parent want to abandon all travel plans and hunker down at home for the holidays. Winter weather, delayed flights, squirmy kids who just want to know, “Are we there yet???” every 5 minutes. And, that’s just the first hour! While we can’t guarantee your holiday travels will be worry-free, we do have 5 quick tips to help ease your travel troubles! ...Read more

Creating Your Own Kids’ Puzzles by VTech Mom

In December I shared some tips for “decluttering” in preparation for the holidays (see “Prepping for the Holidays: Declutter & Donate!” in our Parent Resources). While doing our own decluttering, my kids discovered a number of books on our bookshelves that were falling apart or missing pages. Not wanting to toss those well-loved books in the recycle bin, we decided to upcycle them in a way that we think your kids will love! We’re making our own book-inspired puzzles! ...Read more

Five Free Ways to Family Fun this Summer by VTech Mom

Summer can all too often feel like it was here and gone before we even know it! That’s why we like to maximize our time together as a family during those summer days. Here are five summer activities the whole family can enjoy together without busting the summer budget!...Read more

Tips to Avoid Summer Brain Drain by Clement Chau

While kids are getting excited for the approaching summer, concerns arise about summer brain drain, which occurs when students lose the knowledge they gained during the school year. Research indicates that many children show learning losses when they return to school in the fall, and that these summer setbacks are cumulative, resulting in increasing levels of learning loss over time¹....Read more

School Readiness: How to Help Your Child Prepare for Kindergarten by Clement Chau

Kindergarten is an exciting time for children but it can also be a stressful time of change, not just for little ones, but for parents too. Although each child is unique and develops at his or her own pace, most educators and experts agree that four key areas of development are essential for further growth and achievement in school....Read more

Spook-tacular Family Fun This Halloween by VTech Mom

We love Halloween at our house. It’s filled with a lot of spooky-fun family time and each of us has our favorite Halloween tradition. Here are 4 ways to maximize your time together as a family during Halloween: ...Read more

Gifts That Give More by Clement Chau

With gift-giving season kicking into high gear, it’s a great time to look for gifts that give more and are not just fun, but also contribute to a child’s early learning environment. A recent study published in Applied Developmental Science discovered that exposing children to positive home-learning environments early in life could influence their achievement in school. When parents engage children in meaningful conversations and learning activities, and provide them with books and toys designed to increase learning, children are more likely to develop early cognitive skills that can lead to later academic success. ...Read more

Setting Family Goals in the New Year by VTech Mom

Before the calendar even rolled over to 2015, many of us were already looking head and making resolutions for the New Year. A running list of things we want to do (or don’t want to do), achieve, or try in this fresh New Year. But, as parents, it can become difficult to balance those 2015 resolutions while still finding time for our family. This year, instead of just making resolutions just for yourself, consider adding Family Goals to your the New Year! ...Read more

Car Chaos - Tips for Beating the Winter Mess by VTech Mom

Somewhere between the snowboots, school papers and snacks, my car can quickly look like a disaster zone! Some days it feels like a never ending battle and spending hours cleaning out the car during the cold winter months is not my idea of fun. Brrr!!!...Read more