Spook-tacular Family Fun This Halloween by VTech Mom

We love Halloween at our house. It’s filled with a lot of spooky-fun family time and each of us has our favorite Halloween tradition. Here are 4 ways to maximize your time together as a family during Halloween:

1. Picking the perfect pumpkins
Whether you’re visiting a pumpkin patch or shopping at your local grocer, everyone has their own idea of what makes the perfect pumpkin. I love watching my kids contemplate which pumpkin to pick. Round or oval? Big or small? They always end up with the “perfect pumpkin” in their eyes!

Then continue the family fun by having a pumpkin decorating or carving party at home! This is another opportunity to watch their personalities shine through!

Tip: If your little one isn’t quite ready for pumpkin carving, grab some paint, markers or craft supplies and create a decorated pumpkin instead!

2. Enjoy the fruits & seeds of your labor
Halloween is also a great time to enjoy some of the delicious fall fruits and vegetables all around us! While we have been enjoying a wide array of apple dishes and desserts this Fall, the one treat I look forward to at Halloween is roasted pumpkin seeds!

This is a great opportunity for my kids to work together! One of my daughters absolutely loves to get her hands in those squishy “guts” of the pumpkins and pull out the seeds! Loves it! But my other two kids….they like to keep their hands a little cleaner. So, it is then their job to take the seeds their sister digs out, wash and soak them, and then spread them on the cookie sheet to be roasted. Their teamwork results in some pretty delicious seeds!

3. Family Costumes
As much as my kids love picking out their Halloween costumes, I think they enjoy helping mom and dad with their costumes even more! Making dressing up a family event is a great way to show your kids that you can always be young at heart.

Not sure what to go as….consider having a family theme! A family of superheroes or characters from a favorite movie!

4. The Great Candy Trade
This was my favorite as a child! After a night of trick-or-treating, each of us would unload our treats and begin sorting and trading with each other. Your chocolate crunch bar for my chocolate caramel bar!

Not only is it a fun time for the kids, but it allows parents to scan through the candy to pull out any candy that might not be age appropriate, does not look safe, or may can contain ingredients your child is allergic to. And they might even share a few pieces with you!

Whatever your favorite Halloween traditions may be, we hope this Halloween gives you the opportunity to make some Spook-tacular family memories!!