Car Chaos - Tips for Beating the Winter Mess by VTech Mom

Somewhere between the snowboots, school papers and snacks, my car can quickly look like a disaster zone! Some days it feels like a never ending battle and spending hours cleaning out the car during the cold winter months is not my idea of fun. Brrr!!!

In an effort to keep some of our car chaos at bay, I love finding simple everyday solutions for our car:

• Keeping a small trash can or reusable bag in the car makes cleaning up papers and wrappers in the back seat a little more manageable. It also serves as a friendly reminder to the kids to help keep things picked up and cleaned up.

• Repurpose hangable shoe bags as a “back of the seat” organizer. The shoe pockets are the perfect size to hold small toys, gadgets and books!

• We also love repurposing shower caddies or small bins as an organizer for between the seats!

• Speaking of bins…one of my favorite tips for the car during the winter months is to keep a small bin or bag with extra hats, mittens, and scarves. These are a life-saver for those times when you pull into the school parking lot and realize one of the kids forgot theirs at home.

• Keep the backs of your seats protected from snow, slush and salt by attaching a kick mat seat protector. You can also get creative and temporarily attach a small rug or piece of vinyl to the backs of the seats!

While it can often feel like winter will never come to an end, I hope some of these tips help your car come out of it a little less crazy.

What are some everyday solutions or tips you use to keep your car organized through the winter?