It’s Spring Cleaning Time! Yay! by VTech Mom

Spring cleaning has always been a perplexing event to me. I don’t recall saying, “Yes! I’m spring cleaning today!” But somewhere between my kids’ bedrooms and the donation center, I realize I am knee deep in a spring clean!

Whether you planned out your spring cleaning or stumbled into it by accident, here are 3 helpful tips for getting the most out of it:

1. Stop saving and start purging!

No, we’re not saying to completely empty your house! But do take some time to really evaluate the items taking up space in your closets, cupboards and bookshelves.

If you think your family might be expanding in the next few years, then pack away those toys, books, or clothing that you might want to save. Clearly label the boxes to make them easy to locate later.

Then tackle all of the “other stuff”. If you haven’t worn that dress or shirt in a few years, it’s time to donate it! If you have to clear the dust off those books, puzzles or sporting gear, it’s time to donate them. Make room for new treasures and allow someone else to enjoy your “outgrown” ones.

2. Get creative and get the kids involved!

At the mere mention of cleaning, my kids will bolt in the opposite direction! In an effort to still enlist their help, I give them tasks involving things they already enjoy. For example, my daughter loves trying on clothes! So her job for the day may be to try on all of her clothes and sort them into piles of clothes that are too small, clothes that need mending, clothes that are out of season, and clothes that are just right!

For my preschool son who loves counting and treasure hunts, he gets to count the pieces of puzzles we’re keeping, making sure they are complete. He also gets to hunt around the house and through toy bins and boxes for missing pieces to games or toys.

The chore has become a game!

3. Find your weak spots.

The worse thing is to spend all that time cleaning and sorting, only to find it a mess a week or month later! So discouraging!

When it comes to those problem areas, I spend a little extra time finding a fool-proof (to me) way to organize.

One of our consistent problem areas are my kids’ game cartridges and accessories. Oh, the places I find these! To combat this, we reused an old lunchbox as a storage solution for their InnoTab cartridges, charger, and extra stylus pens. Everything is together in one place and the lunch box makes for an easy way to even travel with everything!

For my Go! Go! Smart Wheels loving-son, it’s as simple as using the Go! Go! Smart Wheels Launch & Go Storage Case! The tire-shaped case makes for an easy and fun way store his Go! Go! Smart Wheels vehicles and knowing he gets to launch them out in the morning, he has no problem picking them up and putting them in the case at the end of the day!

What tips and tricks do you use to help you with your spring cleaning?