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Dr. Lise Eliot
Early Brain Development Expert
VTech Expert Panel Member
Three is that wonderful age when your child – although still very little and cute – has begun to truly express themselves and explore the world more independently. You will be amazed at some of the things your three-year-old can say and remember, so be sure to keep those diaries and video cameras handy!
Here are some typical milestones you may see in your three-year-old:
Language & Cognitive
  • Handles three word sentences easily; using pronouns (I, you, me) and some prepositions (in, on, under) correctly
  • Roughly 90 percent of speech is understandable; however, may go through a phase of normal stuttering
  • Loves books and can converse about them during story time
  • Interested in reading and identifies a few letters of the alphabet – especially those of own name
  • Thrives with a regular schedule and routine and is capable of keeping attention for no more than a few minutes
  • Able to count two to three objects
  • Understands “if-then” statements, like “If you drop an egg, then it will break”
Physical & Motor
  • Jumps and hops by themselves
  • Walks upstairs alternating feet and downstairs leading with one foot
  • Pedals and steers a tricycle
  • Undresses self, but still needs help dressing
  • Stacks up to ten blocks in a tower
  • Is able to draw a circle
Social & Emotional
  • Knows own age, gender, first and last name
  • Attached to parents and other family members, but stranger anxiety has begun to diminish
  • Shifts mood relatively
  • Throws tantrums on occasion when tired or hungry
  • Imitates parents (e.g., shaving or talking on the phone)
  • Engages in pretend social play (”You be the mommy, I’ll be the daddy”)
  • Enjoys peers, but play is “parallel” – rather than truly interactive
  • Begins learning to share and take turns