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Dr. Lise Eliot
Early Brain Development Expert
VTech Expert Panel Member
Babies’ growth and development during the first year is more dramatic than at any other age. Your child will progress from almost complete helplessness to walking, talking, thinking and socializing – all in 12 months. During the first year, the foundation for every basic mental process will be laid, including sensory-motor pathways, emotional responses, language and other cognitive abilities.
Here are some typical milestones you may see in your 0 - 6 month old:
Language & Cognitive
  • Imitates others’ facial expressions
  • Begins cooing and babbling, especially when being talked or sung to
  • Recognizes own name
  • Explores own body using all senses
  • Vision and hearing improve dramatically
  • Shows interest in simple picture books
Physical & Motor
  • Holds head up and steady when being held
  • Lifts head and shoulders when lying on stomach and rolls from stomach-to-back followed by back – to-stomach
  • Sits with support (such as pillows) and then independently
  • Reaches out and grasps objects
Social & Emotional
  • Recognizes parents’ faces, voices and smells
  • Smiles in response to other people
  • Makes strong eye contact when held face-to-face