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Car Chaos - Tips for Beating the Winter Mess

Stacey Heneveld
Somewhere between the snowboots, school papers and snacks, my car can quickly look like a disaster zone! Some days it feels like a never ending battle and spending hours cleaning out the car during the cold winter months is not my idea of fun. Brrr!!! Read all ►

Setting Family Goals in the New Year

Stacey Heneveld
Before the calendar even rolled over to 2015, many of us were already looking head and making resolutions for the New Year. A running list of things we want to do (or don’t want to do), achieve, or try in this fresh New Year. But, as parents, it can become difficult to balance those 2015 resolutions while still finding time for our family. This year, instead of just making resolutions just for yourself, consider adding Family Goals to your the New Year! Read all ►

Survive Holiday Travel with Kids in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

Stacey Heneveld
Traveling with kids during the holidays - just the mere mention of that can make almost any parent want to abandon all travel plans and hunker down at home for the holidays. Winter weather, delayed flights, squirmy kids who just want to know, “Are we there yet???” every 5 minutes. And, that’s just the first hour! While we can’t guarantee your holiday travels will be worry-free, we do have 5 quick tips to help ease your travel troubles! Read all ►

Prepping for the Holidays :: Declutter & Donate!

Stacey Heneveld
The holidays are in full swing and I’m sure you’re starting to see gifts pile up under the tree or in your “super secret present hiding place”. Then you begin to wonder, “Where on earth are we going to put all these new toys/books/clothes?” Sound familiar? Despite how busy life can be right now, December is actually a great time to declutter and donate to make way for the new! Whether you’re looking to “declutter” the whole house or just tackle the toybox, here are 3 great reasons to declutter & donate before the holidays Read all ►


Carla C. Johnson
You might have noticed that STEM, or science, technology, engineering, and mathematics has received a lot more attention in the U.S. over the past few years. This is in response to the need to improve educational experiences for children to make them more reflective of the world in which we live. Businesses and industries have found that the workforce coming out of high school and college do not have the problem solving, communication, creativity, and critical thinking skills they need to be successful. These skills are needed for success in STEM disciplines, but also in arts, social studies, and other content areas. That’s why many schools are taking a STEAM approach (the ‘A’ is for the arts) to learning. STEAM brings the content areas together in meaningful ways, similar to how children will encounter the various disciplines in their everyday life. STEAM learning experiences harness children’s natural curiosity and provide children opportunities to develop understandings about the world around them and ensure they are better prepared for success. Read all ►

Spook-tacular Family Fun This Halloween

Stacey Heneveld
We love Halloween at our house. It’s filled with a lot of spooky-fun family time and each of us has our favorite Halloween tradition. Here are 4 ways to maximize your time together as a family during Halloween: Read all ►
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