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Little Apps are a Big Hit

Eric Klopfer
We are in the age of the app economy. Apps for every purpose are everywhere we go. While we may think of apps as just a new and shorter name for the older idea of what we called “applications” or “programs”, they are more than that. Apps are smaller, cheaper, more focused and a lot easier to find, install and maintain.

In the day of larger and more sophisticated computer programs, we needed to shell out $30-$50 for programs that did many things at once. This required researching these different programs from many sources, deciding on the one we wanted and then hoping it worked on your system. In the age of apps, we find things that are much more focused, centralized, cheaper, and easier to install. We can now go to the appropriate online store for apps, where we browse, download and install in just a few minutes.

The beauty of the app economy is that we can easily find the things that we need and want for a specific purpose and install them on our devices quickly and easily. So as parents we can install that latest travel, shopping or news app on our phone or tablet for just a couple of dollars. But the good news is that apps aren’t just for adults anymore. Apps have entered the kids domain through kid-centered Internet-enabled devices like the InnoTab 2S. These devices provide safe and easy access to apps for kids and their parents.

Rather than providing unfettered access to the Internet these devices only provide access to approved content created just for these devices, and only with the consent of parents. This provides the benefits of online apps without having to worry about inappropriate content or exorbitant credit card charges, which are both significant barriers to kid-friendly apps.

Kids can request apps that their parents approve, allowing kids to feel some control over their content, while leaving you as a parent firmly in control. With this process, kids can enter the age of apps, getting smaller, cheaper learning games direct to their devices. This might allow your child to explore an area that they haven’t tried before or play a new style of game. It also promotes conversations with your child about what kinds of games they are interested in and would like to play.

Apps are here to stay, and that is something to be happy about. I encourage you to use this new opportunity to let your child learn, explore and create.
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