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Toys that Stand the Test of Time

Lise Eliot
Some things never go out of fashion. For generations, babies have been happily diverted by toy activity centers—sturdy panels with an explosion of colorful, easy-to-move buttons, knobs, wheels, and sliders that make interesting sounds or change pictures when a baby handles them. VTech’s new version of this classic toy, the action-packed Alphabet Activity Cube, is sure to fascinate any curious infant or toddler.
So isn’t it nice to know that such play things are also great for your child’s developing brain? No infant is born capable of controlling objects with his or her hands and fingers. Manual dexterity—otherwise known as a fine motor skill—requires weeks and months of diligent practice. Think of Mozart or any intricate piano composition, and you will realize just how well the human nervous system performs when it comes to manipulating complex objects with our hands—and how much practice it takes to acquire such intricate skills.
VTech’s Alphabet Activity Cube has all the elements of these classic toys, and even more. From its five piano keys, number keypad, and pretend telephone; to its sliders, turning gears, pin maze, alphabet blocks and shape sorter; this toy offers endless ways for older infants and toddlers to practice hand-eye coordination and learn about shapes, numbers, and letters. Sounds and music add further to children’s learning, as such auditory feedback helps children associate the look and feel of numbers, letters, and shapes with their actual names. Best of all, this sturdy toy is large enough for busy infants and toddlers to stand and support themselves, promoting independent balance and stepping. Younger infants will delight in controlling these cause-and-effect relationships while practicing to stand, and older toddlers will begin recognizing their numbers and letters, stacking blocks, sorting shapes, and even making words using the toy’s various detachable blocks.

There’s much to stimulate a busy little mind with this timeless toy: gross and fine motor skills, number and ABC literacy, shape awareness, and hand-eye coordination. Whether in the playroom, kitchen, or out in the fresh air, VTech’s Alphabet Activity Cube is a great learning toy for your busy, growing child.
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