KidiBuzz G2 Safety & Security

Give your child a kid-friendly way to enjoy the latest tech with KidiBuzz G2. Similar to smartphones and tablets, KidiBuzz G2 lets kids message friends and family, surf the web, watch videos and more in a kid-friendly environment.

Out of the box, the web browser, KidiConnect messaging app, and third-party app store are both disabled. To set up these items, register the device and set a four-digit parental controls passcode. Keep this passcode private to prevent your child from accessing unwanted online content or changing content restrictions.

Check out some of the ways we’ve designed KidiBuzz G2 to make it the perfect tech toy for kids.

Parent Settings

Add and Remove Games and Apps

KidiBuzz G2 includes kid-safe games and activities your child will love. For even more apps, parents can enter their parental controls passcode and check out Learning Lodge® for age-appropriate, educational games. Parents can also add popular apps from a third-party app store you can download to the device. Third-party apps can only be downloaded in Parent Settings and played by kids when approved in App Settings. Check out these step-by-step tutorials to learn how:

Games & Apps Tutorial >

Choose the Websites Your Kids Can View

You can feel confident that your child is surfing the web safely because they’ll only have access to websites and videos that are age-appropriate and pre-approved by VTech learning experts. You can also add and remove websites by updating the Approved Sites list in Parent Settings, safely protected by your private parental controls passcode. Learn how to customize your child’s access to the web by following this step-by-step tutorial:

Websites Tutorial >

Manage Your Child’s Screen Time

Set time limits in Parent Settings to choose how long your child can play with their KidiBuzz G2. You can even choose what time of day the KidiBuzz G2 is available with a convenient schedule that locks the device during selected hours. When your child’s time limits have been reached, they’ll get a notification, and the device will exit to the lock screen. Manage your child’s screen time by following the tutorial below:

Time Limits Tutorial >

Send Messages with KidiConnect

KidiConnect, our kid-safe messaging app, is a great way for your child to send and receive text, voice messages and picture messages via Wi-Fi to a list of parent-approved contacts. In addition to being able to chat with friends using KidiBuzz G2 devices, your child can also send and receive messages from a list of family and friends you approve who have the KidiConnect app on their smartphone. Learn how to send and accept friend requests and manage your child’s contact list using the following tutorials:

Setting Up KidiConnect Tutorial >
Contact List Tutorial >


Data Security

VTech is committed to the privacy and protection of the information parents entrust to us. We have implemented new policies to enhance the security of customer data, including limiting the data that our toys and related services collect, building in security from a product’s inception and investing in technology to protect our products and services from hackers. We are continually re-evaluating our security measures to ensure that they are up to date and provide protection for the data our customers entrust to us.


KidiConnect is compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) which protects the information of children less than 13 years of age.