Using an InnoTab® Stylus
The InnoTab® stylus is located in the stylus holder on the back of the tablet.

Step 1
Slide the stylus out from the stylus holder to use it.

Step 2
Using the InnoTab® touch screen and stylus:

  • Use only enough pressure to operate the game. Too much pressure may damage the touch screen.

  • Do not use the stylus if it is broken.

  • Do not use any other stylus on the touch screen other than the InnoTab® stylus.

Step 3
Always put the stylus back into the stylus holder for storage.

NOTE: If you lose your stylus, VTech® offers replacement stylus packs for sale at Please select a replacement stylus pack that was designed specifically for your toy. For example, InnoTab® 2 styluses do not fit into the InnoTab® stylus holder, and vice versa.