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Downloading the Correct Learning Lodge Navigator® for InnoTab® 2 or 2S
Learning Lodge Navigator® home

The Learning Lodge Navigator® is the download manager designed for VTech® Web-connected toys. It enables users to download additional content online, add and remove files from corresponding learning toys, and execute functions that are created specifically for each Web-connected toy.

To register your toy on the Learning Lodge Navigator®, first you need to download and install the program on your computer. An internet connection is needed to download and use the Learning Lodge Navigator®.

Step 1
Learning Lodge Navigator® installation CD

You can use the Learning Lodge Navigator® Installation CD, if one came with your toy.

Step 2
http://www.vtechkids.com/download download page

Or you can go to http://www.vtechkids.com/download to download one.

There are different versions of Learning Lodge Navigator® available for each of VTech's different toys. Select the correct version for your toy to download.

Even if you have already installed Learning Lodge Navigator® for a different toy--for example, a MobiGo® 2, you'll need to update it to connect a new toy of a different type, like an InnoTab® 2S.

Step 3
Version of Learning Lodge Navigator®

Once you have found the correct version of Learning Lodge Navigator® for your toy, click on it.

Step 4
PC or Mac version

Choose either the PC or Mac version, depending on what type of computer you will be using it on.

Step 5
InnoTab® Setup Wizard

Once you have downloaded Learning Lodge Navigator®, just double click on the file's icon to start installing it on your computer. The set up wizard will walk you thru the step-by step installation process.

Step 6
Successfully installed Learning Lodge Navigator®

Once you have successfully installed Learning Lodge Navigator® on your computer, you can create an account and register your toy. Please see the VTech® tutorial titled " Creating an Account and Registering on Learning Lodge Navigator® " for details.