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Dancing Doggie Music Player™

Age: 6-36 months
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Product Details

Best for ages:
6 to 36 months
Press the Dancing Doggie Music Player™ music button and start grooving! This adorable dancing puppy rocks, sings and plays the guitar. Explore the drum, piano and saxophone buttons while listening to 30 melodies in classical, jazz and pop music styles. Then, press the music button to hear three songs. Two colorful lights flash with the music, attracting your little one’s attention. Grab this music player and never miss a chance to dance!
Product Number: 80-508460
Battery: 2 AAA Batteries Required

Other Features:

  • Three instrument buttons introduce the drum, piano and saxophone
  • Three dimensional puppy swings back and forth
  • Two colorful lights flash with the music
  • 65+ songs, melodies, sounds and phrases
  • Includes wrist strap

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