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InnoTab Software - Learn to Write with Cody & Cora

Age: 3-6 years

Product Details

Best for ages:
3 to 6 years
Go on learning adventures with Cody and Cora the Smart Cubs™ in Learn to Write with Cody & Cora for InnoTab®. Read the e-book about an adventure Cody and Cora take while writing and spelling words. Learn and develop handwriting skills with 11 activities and games. Help Cody and Cora prepare cards with letters on them to play a variety of card games. Remember cards in a fun memory game. Play the Number Hunt game by finishing a sequence with the correct card. Match pairs of cards together in a fun matching game. Choose the card that doesn’t match in the Which is Different? game. Reveal a hidden clue and match it to several choices. Navigate through a fun maze. Draw a path on one side of the screen that mirrors the path on the other. Help Cody pick the right path to follow to find Cora. Play What is it? by drawing part of an object, then figure out what it could be. Create several drawings and start them in motion to create fun animations. Then, take pictures using the InnoTab® built-in camera and decorate the photos with Cody and Cora frames and stickers.
Product Number: 80-232600