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Drop, Pop and Have a Ball!
Little ones will love watching the colorful
balls pop, spin and roll.
Push & Pop Bulldozer
Load up the bulldozer with colorful balls and push it around the construction site. As it’s pushed along, the balls will pop out of the smoke stack and into the scoop bucket. Keep pushing, and the bucket will dump the balls back into the bulldozer.

Drop the balls in

Pop the balls out

Dump the balls back in
Twirl & Pop Turtle
Drop the colorful balls into the turtle’s tummy. In Pop & Drop mode, he’ll pop the balls out of his legs and back into his tummy. In Spin & Sing mode, while the turtle is spinning, drop the balls into his tummy, and he’ll pop them out for kids to chase.
Pop & Play Snail

Press the adorable snail’s head down and the inside of his shell will spin the balls into motion.

Little ones will love watching the colorful balls pop, spin and dance inside the shell.

Three light-up buttons introduce colors, numbers, and shapes.
Drop & Pop Ball Pit
Climb in and play with 30 bright, multi-colored balls! Packed with slam-dunk features like a hoop that counts to ten and an electronic activity panel, this wild ball pit introduces numbers and animals while developing motor skills.

Hoop counts the balls up to ten and colorful buttons play phrases, sounds and music.

Twist the adorable red bird to hear fun sounds and music.