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Learning to Read
Learning to Read

Exposure to books in the early childhood stages plays a key role in a child’s reading development, but 40% of moms+ with children ages 3 to 7 years old say that they simply do not having enough time to spend reading with their children. Using V.Reader, the best-selling e-reader for kids, children who are new to reading will have fun practicing their reading skills with this interactive e-reading system. V.Reader provides the necessary building blocks for kids to grow from a pre-reader into a fluent reader as they learn reading comprehension, vocabulary, phonics, word-building and definitions that are easy to comprehend. Your child will love learning to read.

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Interaction and Animation

With V.Reader, stories come to life through narration, character voices, graphics, sounds, and music. As the V.Reader plays the story to your child, it highlights the word as they are spoken together with the animation. When your child touches a word, the word reacts and the V.Reader pronounces it. If the child touches their favorite character, like Lightning McQueen, it becomes animated within the story.

  • Interaction and Animation - Video 1

    Watch the Story

  • Interaction and Animation - Video 2

    Clickable Animation

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Animated Word Dictionary

The V.Reader Story Dictionary gives your child the opportunities to expand their vocabulary. The Story Dictionary can be accessed in 2 ways.

From the main story menu of each story. V.Reader gives your child an alphabetical list of words. When they touch a word, V.Reader displays a box with the definition and reads it aloud. Comprehension of the definition is enhanced through animation. Additionally, some of the definitions have follow up questions to test your child’s understanding.

When your child is watching the story, V.Reader will highlight certain words after reading a page. When your child touches a highlighted words, V.Reader will also show the definition from the Story Dictionary.

Cartridge sold separately. Disney elements © Disney
Cartridge Library

Your child will enjoy reading with their favorite animated characters such as Disney Pixar Toy Story 3, Dora the Explorer, Disney Pixar Cars 2, Kung Fu Panda 2, Disney Princess, Scooby-Doo, Disney Fairies, and more! In each software cartridge, your child can watch the story with the characters and play the reading comprehension or learning games to improve their comprehension, vocabulary and other learning skills.

45+ Download E-Books

More than 45 e-books, such as Sesame Street and National Geographic Readers^ are available within the Learning Lodge Navigator. Also, your child can download free themes to personalize their V.Reader. Each time a child’s V.Reader is connected to a PC or Mac computer, their reading scores are automatically updated. Parents receive an overview of how their child is progressing through the key learning curriculum, which is tailored to his or her age.

  • Sesame Street - Storybook ABCs
  • National Geographic Kids - Ants
  • Sesame Street - Red or Blue I Like You!
  • National Geographic Kids - Toot & Puddle - Toot's Tour of India
  • Sesame Street - Counting All Around
  • National Geographic Kids - Toot & Puddle - The Great Cheese Chase

^ will be available in this year.