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Recording Videos with InnoTab® 2 or 2S

InnoTab® 2 or 2S allows you to record videos.

Step 1

To start recording videos, touch the "Video Recorder" icon to record video. The maximum recording length for each video is 5 minutes.

Step 2

You will enter the camera mode with different functions:

  • Time
    This is the elapsed time of the video now recording.
  • Record button
    Touch this to start/stop recording.
  • Thumbnail
    Touch this to view the video you have just taken.

TIP: To view the videos you have on your InnoTab®, touch the Videos icon in the main menu.

WARNING: Video recording may take up memory quickly. Connect your InnoTab®2 or 2S to Learning Lodge and select "File Manager" to back up your videos to your computer regularly. For more information, please go to and see the Introduction to and Installing Learning Lodge" and "Creating an Account and Registering on Learning Lodge" tutorial videos for details.