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What do I do if my child’s name doesn’t transfer to their Tote & Go Laptop?
If your child’s name doesn’t transfer to their Tote & Go Laptop, be sure to check the following:

1. Your version of the Learning Lodge might not be up-to-date. Try uninstalling the Learning Lodge. Then download the latest version from and install it again.

2. Make sure your Tote & Go Laptop is turned on and that it is connected to your computer via the USB cable.

3. Make sure you have completed each step outlined in “How do I select my child’s name to be shown on their Tote & Go Laptop?”

4. If you have tried all of the above and you still cannot transfer your child’s name onto the Tote & Go Laptop, please contact customer support at making sure to state what name you are trying to transfer to your product.

next tip I am still having trouble this solved my problem