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For U.S. customers: If you need to replace any parts for your VTech products, you can order them right here through the VTech Kids site. Enter characters in the text field below and then click the button to search products beginning with those characters.

To order the part you need, click on the orange "Order" button. Please note there is a charge for the replacement parts, and there will be a shipping charge.

For customers in Canada: Please contact our Canada Customer Service Department at 1-877-352-8697

Select a letter below to display products beginning with that letter.

Shake & Sounds Learning Pup™
Sing & Squeak Bath Book
Sit-to-Race Smart Wheels
Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train
Sit-to-Stand Learn & Discover Table
Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker™
Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker™ - Pink
Sit-to-Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train™
Skippy the Smart Pup
Sleepy Lullabies Bear Projector™
Smart Sailing Activity Mat
Smart Shots Sports Center™
Soothing Ocean Slumbers Mobile™
Sort & Discover Drum™
Sort & Go Helicopter
Spin & Learn Ball Tower™
Strum & Jam KidiBand™
Submarine Learning Boat
Switch & Go Dinos - Akuna the Velociraptor
Switch & Go Dinos - Blister the Velociraptor
Switch & Go Dinos - Brok the Brachiosaurus
Switch & Go Dinos - Jagger the T-Rex
Switch & Go Dinos - MC Roar the Giganotosaurus
Switch & Go Dinos - Quiver the Stygimoloch
Switch & Go Dinos - Span the Spinosaurus
Switch & Go Dinos - Stompsalot the Amargasaurus
Switch & Go Dinos - Torr the Therizinosaurus
Switch & Go Dinos Turbo - Triceratops Deluxe Launcher