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2 replacement part(s) found for "Flipsies - Jazz's Convertible & Stage"

Flipsies - Jazz's Convertible & Stage (Product Number: 80-159900)
Jazz dreams of becoming a rock star! Flipsies™ Jazz’s Convertible & Stage is a 2-in-1 playset that transforms from a convertible that Jazz can drive around to a stage so she can perform. Collect Jazz’s friends and they can switch clothes, wigs and accessories for more fun styles (each sold separately). Press the charm on Jazz’s necklace to see it light-up and to experience her friendly personality. Place Jazz on the three MagicPoint™ locations on her playset or other MagicPoint™ locations on Flipsies™ playsets (each sold separately) and she’ll respond with playful phrases unique to her own personality. Let your dreams shine with Flipsies™!
Item #: 52-159900-000
Item #: 52-159900-001