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Switch & Go Dinos Turbo - Triceratops Deluxe Launch

Age: 3-8 years

Product Details

Best for ages:
3 to 8 years
Rip and roar with the Switch & Go Dinos® Turbo Triceratops Deluxe Launcher by VTech®. Includes an electronic Switch & Go Dinos® Turbo Triceratops that easily transforms from a dino to race car in a few easy steps. Turbo charge your dino or race car using the launcher and blast it from the mouth of the Triceratops. The faster you charge, the farther it goes. At top speeds, the Triceratops races more than 20 feet! Then set the boulders inside the volcano and see if you can launch your car through the narrow tunnel. Be careful, if you hit the sides of the volcano it will explode and send boulders flying.
Product Number: 80-150100
Battery: 1 AA Batteries Required