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It’s Spring Cleaning Time! Yay!

Stacey Heneveld
Spring cleaning has always been a perplexing event to me. I don’t recall saying, “Yes! I’m spring cleaning today!” But somewhere between my kids’ bedrooms and the donation center, I realize I am knee deep in a spring clean! Whether you planned out your spring cleaning or stumbled into it by accident, here are 3 helpful tips for getting the most out of it: Read all ►

Beat the Winter Blues with an Indoor Beach Party

Stacey Heneveld
After hearing the news that a certain large rodent saw his shadow earlier this month, thus predicting 6 more weeks of winter, the kids and I decided a little beach day was in order! However, since our beaches are currently covered in snow and our lakes are covered in ice caps, we’re getting creative and bringing the beach indoors! Read all ►

VTech Printable Valentine’s!

Stacey Heneveld
Love is in the air! And we know how much little ones love to send and receive notes of love and friendship on Valentine’s Day! This year some of our favorite VTech® characters want to get in on the Valentine’s fun so we’ve created these adorable printable Valentine’s Day cards! Read all ►

Creating Your Own Kids’ Puzzles

Stacey Heneveld
In December I shared some tips for “decluttering” in preparation for the holidays (see “Prepping for the Holidays: Declutter & Donate!” in our Parent Resources). While doing our own decluttering, my kids discovered a number of books on our bookshelves that were falling apart or missing pages. Not wanting to toss those well-loved books in the recycle bin, we decided to upcycle them in a way that we think your kids will love! We’re making our own book-inspired puzzles! Read all ►

There’s sNOw fun like Family fun!

Stacey Heneveld
With a good portion of the US getting some amount of snow this month, many of us are starting to feel some cabin fever setting in. “Oh no! Not more snow! Will it ever end?” Read all ►

Car Chaos - Tips for Beating the Winter Mess

Stacey Heneveld
Somewhere between the snowboots, school papers and snacks, my car can quickly look like a disaster zone! Some days it feels like a never ending battle and spending hours cleaning out the car during the cold winter months is not my idea of fun. Brrr!!! Read all ►
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