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Stacey Heneveld
VTech Mom
Stacey Heneveld has partnered with VTech for three years to help parents discover fun ways to incorporate educational toys into their child’s everyday learning. Stacey holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and Psychology and has mentored children in public schools. An avid writer, she has a passion for helping kids and offering ways to infuse education with fun and adventure. As our VTech Mom, Stacey enjoys assisting customers on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. Raising three creative, energetic little ones and a lazy but lovable Boxer with her husband, Stacey continues to enjoy freelance writing and speaking to parents about raising kids in today's technology-based world.
Meet VTech's Expert Panel
Deborah Sharp Libby
Early Childhood Language and Reading Expert
Lise Eliot
Early Brain Development Expert
Carla C. Johnson
Science and STEM Expert
Francis (Skip) Fennell
Mathematics Expert
Susan Bartell
Child Psychology Expert
VTech Mom
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