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InnoTab Software Download - Tangled

InnoTab Software Download - Tangled

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Best for ages:
4 to 7 Years
Reading, Vocabulary
Rapunzel has been locked in her tower all her life. She passes the time by reading, painting, and brushing her very long, very magical golden hair. She also wonders about the outside world, especially the floating lights that appear every year on her birthday. When Flynn Rider climbs through her window, it's time for an adventure. Join Rapunzel and Flynn as they escape from palace guards and make it to the kingdom - just in time for Rapunzel's dream to come true. Curriculum in this Deluxe E-book: Reading, Reading Comprehension, Consonant Blends, Ending Sounds, Capitalization & more! There are three ways to play a Deluxe E-Book: Watch the Story, Reading Games & Story Dictionary. Watch the Story: Read or listen to the whole story while watching the animations. Read your interactive e-book in Watch the Story. To stop the automatic story narration and enter Free Play, touch anywhere on the screen. In Free Play, you can touch the words one by one to read the story at your own pace, touch highlighted vocabulary words to hear their definitions, or touch images in the art to see animations and hear fun voices and sounds. If you don't touch the screen for a while, the Watch the Story narration will continue automatically from the next page. Reading Games: Play story-related reading games. Play reading games to have fun with the story while developing your reading skills. The reading comprehension game "What Happened?" is included in every Deluxe E-Book to reinforce your understanding of the stories you read. The other games teach a variety of age-appropriate reading skills. Story Dictionary: Learn the definitions of vocabulary words in the story. Browse in the Story Dictionary to see an alphabetical list of the vocabulary words from the story and their definitions, along with fun animations, sounds and voices. Touch any word in the Story Dictionary menu to hear its definition.
  • Product Number: 58-126800-500-071
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