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V.Reader Cartridge - Dinosaur Train

V.Reader Cartridge - Dinosaur Train

Free Shipping On Orders Over $59.95
  • Based on the Dinosaur Train TV episode of "T. Rex Teeth"
  • Features voices of Buddy, Tiny, and Mr. Conductor
  • Five reading games and four mini games feature Buddy and all his siblings
  • Teaches capital and lowercase letters, plural and singular words, spelling, and word classification
Best for ages:
4 to 6 Years
It's time to take a ride on the Dinosaur Train in this new e-book for V.Reader by VTech! In this story, Buddy loses his first tooth and travels to Rexville Station to learn about teeth. As your child enjoys the story, they'll build core language skills through reading and fun games!
Buddy's teeth are falling out, and he doesn't know what to do! In this interactive Dinosaur Train e-book for V.Reader, your child can follow Buddy and his family as they travel to Rexville Station to learn about T. Rex teeth! Along the way, Buddy and Tiny try to solve a mystery-- why does Delores's breath smell so bad? As your child reads the story and plays five reading games, they'll learn about spelling, capital and lowercase letters, word classification, and more. The software even comes with four mini games for added fun and excitement!
  • Product Number: 80-282300

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