VTech Parentinghttp://www.vtechkids.com/parenting/VTech Parentingen-usTue, 01 Jul 2014 00:00:00 -0400 The Watch is back!Eric Klopferhttp://www.vtechkids.com/parenting/article/{7E51B339-0FBD-484A-8C07-1DEF2CC35D1B}I’m a watch guy. I always have been. I remember when my grandfather got one of the early digital watches I was fascinated by it. When I first got my own digital watch I could spend hours timing things using the built-in stopwatch. The world of watch technology has seemed to slow in recent years. I was dismayed when I saw the millennials growing up in an age without watches. Instead of looking at their wrists, they had to take out their phones and press a button to simply see the time, and launch an app to tell the date. Learning Goes Wild with Peppa PigStacey Heneveldhttp://www.vtechkids.com/parenting/article/{0DC9562F-6675-4EB0-974C-F9F2AF0F20E2}Whether you are heading out for a long family summer road trip or just looking for some fun ways to keep your kids academically sharp through the school break, adding some new learning games to your child’s InnoTab is always a great idea! Five Free Ways to Family Fun this SummerStacey Heneveldhttp://www.vtechkids.com/parenting/article/{A25B23A5-0A1B-4F91-B7AE-CF044315F867}Summer can all too often feel like it was here and gone before we even know it! That’s why we like to maximize our time together as a family during those summer days. Here are five summer activities the whole family can enjoy together without busting the summer budget! Summer Math? Absolutely!Francis (Skip) Fennellhttp://www.vtechkids.com/parenting/article/{52C144E9-79E3-4E0E-9FDA-E0BF005CC4CD}For many, summer days and weeks have become a time when children are involved in a seemingly endless array of camps and summer programs. In fact, families have been involved in arranging for and scheduling such activities for months! But there are also those wonderful non-scheduled, serendipitous days when trips to the zoo, a museum, or a walk on a nature trail, just happen. Summers are memory makers for everyone. And mathematics learning can be an important part of those memories. Spring is here – Help your child’s literacy skills blossom and grow!Deborah Sharp Libbyhttp://www.vtechkids.com/parenting/article/{B574CD53-7310-4206-826B-AEFFA8C4F4CD}Spring is the perfect time to help your child’s literacy skills blossom and grow! Support your child’s literacy development with these simple tips. Set aside time each and every day to read to and with your child. This simple act has a big impact supporting your child’s reading comprehension and overall literacy development. Reading a good book can happen anywhere. Keep books, e-Books and reading and writing learning games all around the house and even in your car. Opportunities for reading present themselves all the time! Read road signs, menus, recipes and of course enjoy some good books. Allowing children to hear, read and follow along with stories over and over again develops and reinforces many important reading concepts such as letter and word awareness and recognition, beginning and ending sound knowledge, reading for meaning and enjoyment, reading from left to right, and much more. Prevent Summer Brain Drain with Learning PlayStacey Heneveldhttp://www.vtechkids.com/parenting/article/{AE10B7C6-6DD0-42CC-BE9A-904743F7ECE5}With much anticipation, kids across the country have begun counting down the days until summer vacation. Dreams of long afternoon bike rides, building sand castles and picnics at the park are filling their heads. But did you know that studies show that kids can lose one to three months of learning over the summer months? Here are four great ways to pencil some learning fun into your summer schedule to help prevent summer brain drain: