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Carla C. Johnson
Science and STEM Expert
Dr. Carla Johnson is an internationally renowned scholar in science education and STEM education policy implementation. She is a Professor of Science Education and Associate Director of the Center for Research and Engagement in Science and Mathematics Education (CRESME) at Purdue University. She also serves as Editor of the School Science and Mathematics Journal. Dr. Johnson’s research has focused on educational reform through providing high-quality professional development for teachers of science, or specifically examining how students of various backgrounds and abilities can excel in science with effective instruction. She also conducts research on advancing STEM learning programs nationwide. As a STEM expert, she has authored more than 60 publications including several books, research manuscripts, and a curriculum series. She has received the Outstanding Early Career Scholar (2006), and Excellence in Integration of Science and Mathematics (2012) awards from the School Science and Mathematics Association, as well as the Outstanding Science Teacher Educator (2013) and Impact of Educational Research on Practice Awards from the Association of Science Teacher Education.
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Science and STEM Expert
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