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Help your child’s literacy skills blossom and grow!

Deborah Sharp Libby
Support your child's literacy development with these tips and their literary skills will blossom and grow! Set aside time each and every day to read to and with your child. This simple act has a big impact supporting your child’s reading comprehension and overall literacy development. Reading a good book can happen anywhere. Keep books, e-Books and reading and writing learning games all around the house and even in your car. Opportunities for reading present themselves all the time! Read road signs, menus, recipes and of course enjoy some good books. Allowing children to hear, read and follow along with stories over and over again develops and reinforces many important reading concepts such as letter and word awareness and recognition, beginning and ending sound knowledge, reading for meaning and enjoyment, reading from left to right, and much more.

Encourage your child to choose stories they love. InnoTab 3S, VTech’s portable, kid-friendly tablet, offers a large library of entertaining cartridge e-Books featuring fun-loving characters. The InnoTab 3S is also jam-packed with a variety of engaging and age-appropriate reading and writing learning games! In addition, hundreds of downloadable e-Books and even more learning games and activities are available online at VTech’s Learning Lodge.

Check out new spring learning games and stories for VTech’s InnoTab 3S! My First Nursery Rhymes for ages 12-36 months includes twenty-five well-loved songs such as: Bingo, Farmer in the Dell, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Old MacDonald had a Farm. Two friendly bears invite players to enjoy songs, play games, learn a little sign language and create their own avatars. Colorful graphics fill the InnoTab 3S screen while words to the songs are highlighted, encouraging your toddler to sing and follow along. An option to play five favorite sleepy time lullabies for 15 minutes in lullaby mode is a great feature for nap and quiet times.

Go! Go! Smart Wheels: A Busy Day in Alphabet Town for ages 2-5 years features an entertaining story, story dictionary and great learning games that focus on learning letters of the alphabet, numbers, building words and learning letter sounds. Kids love helping out in Alphabet Town. Games have them lending a hand in the Mechanic Shop putting cars in alphabetical order and counting parts; helping police catch the letter thief by identifying lots of letters and building simple words; helping firemen rescue kittens stuck in trees by identifying letters and letter sounds; and writing the letters of the alphabet at the letter construction site. Plenty of support and positive feedback guarantee tons of fun!

Learn to Write with Cody and Cora for ages 3-6 years is perfect for kids who want to play games and practice writing their letters and numbers. Kids will enjoy a great story about a special marker that makes whatever you spell real. Two cute bears lead players through interactive games that support number and letter awareness and learning. Clear directions provide kids with opportunities to practice writing numbers, capital and lower case letters in a fun and supportive way.

Visit VTech’s Learning Lodge to find more downloadable e-Books, games and the new learning app, Reading Time Bundle. This bundle includes three great stories: Bugsby and the Magical Museum, Little Red Riding Hood and World of Science for those kids who find learning science facts fascinating! Great stories and entertaining reading and writing games equal fun! Check out what VTech has to offer this spring and watch your child blossom!
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