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MobiGo Software Cartridge - Tangled

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  • Five learning games can be played in any order.
  • Wide variety of motions can be used in touch screen play.
  • Curriculum includes colors, memory, letters, logic, and creativity.
  • Features real voices of Rapunzel and Flynn.
  • Colorful characters and backgrounds make learning fun for kids.
Best for ages:
3 to 5 Years
A damsel in distress, Rapunzel has been locked in her tower for a very long time! In this new learning game for the MobiGo Touch Learning System by VTech, join Rapunzel and her mischievous friend, Flynn Rider, from Disney's Tangled as they escape and explore the kingdom together.
With help from her dashing but mischievous friend Flynn Rider, Rapunzel escapes from her tower, and together, they explore the kingdom. In this new game for VTech MobiGo, will Rapunzel's dream of seeing the floating lights comes true? Best suited for children ages 3-5 years, kids will play with their favorite learning toy and be engaged as they learn about colors and letters all while growing their abilities in memory , logic, and creativity.
  • Product Number: 80-251700
  • No Batteries Required