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MobiGo Software Cartridge - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

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  • Features favorite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse friends and the voice of Mickey Mouse
  • 6 fun learning games teach skills such as numbers, colors, counting, shapes and more
  • Colorful animations and fun sounds make learning fun and encourage repeat play on their MobiGo electronic learning toy
  • Touchscreen technology provides fun and innovative educational gameplay
Best for ages:
4 to 6 Years
The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is where learning meets fun! For use on VTech's MobiGo Touch Learning System, children will help solve the mystery of Pluto's missing Super-Duper Bouncy Ball while learning numbers, colors, shapes and more!
Pluto's favorite Super-Duper Bouncy Ball bounced far away, and Mickey and Pluto take off after it! The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse learning game for the MobiGo Touch Learning System utilizes kid's favorite play pattern and infuses it with educational curriculum! Using a handful of Mouseketools to help in the hunt - kids use their number, shape and color skills to join Mickey and Pluto on an adventure to catch the bouncy ball while sharpening their core preschool skills!
  • Product Number: 80-250500