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Learning App Download Card

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  • Card contains a value of $20
  • VTech Learning Lodge Navigator has hundreds of apps to choose from
  • Makes the perfect gift!
  • Exclusive content features favorite characters and stories that kids love
Best for ages:
3 to 9 Years
With the VTech Learning App Download Card you can give your child more content for their InnoTab, MobiGo or V.Reader. Simply follow the instructions to redeem the $20 card and use it to purchase apps, e-books, games, are more from VTech's Learning Lodge Navigator.
The Vtech Learning App Download Card allows you to get more content for your child's favorite VTech toys. Valued at $20, you can use the card in VTech's easy-to-use download manager, the Learning Lodge Navigator, where you can choose hundreds of downloadable apps, e-books, games, music, videos and more! Featuring beloved licensed characters, fun games and captivating stories, the Learning Lodge Navigator offers something exciting for every child to explore on their InnoTab, MobiGo or V.Reader system! Additional content may require an SD memory card (not included).
  • Product Number: 80-201501