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InnoTab Software - Disney Minnie

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  • Works with all VTech InnoTab systems
  • Features the voices of Minnie, Millie, Melody, Daisy and Penelope Poodle
  • Teaches numbers, counting, shapes, matching, colors and patterns
  • Three learning games and three creativity activities, along with the e-book "Trouble Times Two"
Best for ages:
3 to 6 Years
Minnie and friends are having a fashion show! Help them decorate for the party and get ready for the fashion show. Test your skills while learning colors, patterns, shapes, sorting and more while having fun in Minnie's Bow-tique!
Minnie and her friends are having a fashion show, and they need your help to get ready! Your child will have a blast helping Minnie and her friends through three different games and three creativity activities, learning about patterns and colors, shapes, matching, and so much more! You child will also enjoy reading the e-book based on the TV episode, “Trouble Times Two”, where Minnie and her nieces have to help movie star Penelope Poodle get ready for the big Barkademy Awards. There’s even a fun photo activity so your child can take photos and decorate them with Minnie stickers and photo frames! It’s always a party with Minnie and friends, so come along and join them!
  • Product Number: 80-231700