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VTech Headphones

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  • Headphones for kids offer good sound quality with a volume limiter
  • Works with compatible VTech products (V.Reader, MobiGo, and InnoTab)
  • Customizable with faceplate inlays
  • Adjustable headband and large ear cushions for a comfortable fit
  • Built–in instant mute control
  • Durable design
Best for ages:
3 to 9 Years
Your kids can now enjoy their favorite VTech toys in a new way with the VTech Headphones. These headphones for kids offer excellent audio quality with a volume limiter so your kids can listen and play safely.
The VTech Headphones are the perfect accessory for your child’s favorite, compatible VTech toys. These headphones for kids offer high quality sound and have a volume limiter to prevent the volume from being turned up too high. With the included stencil, your child can even customize their headphones by creating their own unique faceplate designs.
  • Product Number: 80-130000