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Create and explore a world that goes wild with learning! VTech's Go! Go! Smart Animals collection stimulates the imagination and encourages creativity with colorful, interactive playsets. Each set includes a variety of tracks that easily snap together and connect to other Go! Go! Smart Animals and Go! Go! Smart Wheels® playsets (sold separately). For more excitement, roll SmartPoint® animals over SmartPoint locations found on playsets and watch as the animals respond with phrases, music and lights while teaching cause and effect, first words, letters and more!


Explore the playsets with Go! Go! Smart Animals characters! Each is a friendly animal who says fun phrases and plays music and sounds when the light-up button is pressed. Roll over SmartPoint® locations on playsets and the SmartPoint animals respond with different phrases, cheerful melodies and sing-along songs!

SmartPoint technology adds to the fun by providing an interactive experience and encouraging imaginative play. Roll a SmartPoint animal over a SmartPoint location on Go! Go! Smart Animals® and Go! Go! Smart Wheels® playsets and it will respond with phrases, sounds and more! Each SmartPoint animal responds differently to every SmartPoint location so collect them all! (Each sold separately)